Sharing is Caring

SplytIt’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, so I thought I’d share a brief update on the recent goings on. Lots of excitement but little time to share.

After dabbling for a few years with DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure Automation, Chef, Docker, CI/CM/CD, (*insert other buzzwords here*) I returned to full-time mobile development in 2015 with Splyt Technologies Ltd, working on both the iOS and Android platforms.

At Splyt we bring social taxi pooling to the taxi industry; combining cutting edge technologies with the years of experience and expertise that the world’s taxi companies have to offer. We recently launched in Brussels, with other cities within Europe and around the globe to follow.

The mobile app. is now available on Android and iOS:
Google Play Store
Apple AppStore

I hope to try and share some of my Android/iOS/CI experiences from Splyt in the near future, but let’s see how things go. (Maybe even a DaysUntil update…)

Find me on Twitter – @sjmason91


Raspberry Pi Projects Page

RPi LogoI am currently working on a page detailing my Raspberry Pi projects. At the moment these are all home automation related. Keep an eye out for more updates soon.

I will also be going into more detail about the server components of the projects and how I am controlling them centrally from my Android mobile phone.

The page can be found here,


DaysSince – Out now.

DaysSince Event Viewer

I am pleased to announce the release of DaysSince to the AppStore. DaysSince is an iOS application that lets you count the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds since an event. The application provides an event viewer, as pictured, so you can watch as the time passes. This event viewer will also be appearing very soon in the DaysUntil application!

Similar to DaysUntil, you can associate an image with each event that yo u are counting from using the same keyword image search facility.

You can download the applicaiton directly from the AppStore on your iOS device, or through iTunes by clicking here.

All feedback is welcomed and encouraged. You can contact me directly regarding DaysSince at




DaysUntil v1.06 – iPhone 5 / iPad Compatible

Now available on the AppStore
With the release of the new iPhone around the corner I am happy to announce that the next version of DaysUntil will support the iPhone 5′s new longer screen resolution. So, not only will you get an extra row of icons on your shiny new iPhone home screen, but also more room for DaysUntil events!

Starting from this version, DaysUntil will now be a Universal iPhone/iPad application. This means that it will support the iPad’s Retina display natively instead of displaying a magnified version of the iPhone application.

This release also includes some cool performance improvements that make navigating DaysUntil a much more pleasurable experience. For those interested, it now makes use of multiple Managed Object Context’s to take advantage of background saving.


DaysUntil v1.05 – Available now

DaysUntil v1.05 is now available on the AppStore. This new release bring the following improvements to the app:

  • The number of days that a reminder can be set for has been increased.
  • Now fully iOS 6 compatible.
  • Keyword Image Search performance improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Please feel free to contact me with feedback and suggestions,


DaysUntil v1.04 – Now Live!

DaysUntil v1.04 is now live! This version of DaysUntil brings you greater control of your event reminders, enabling you to create multiple reminders per day as well as setting a timed alarm for each.

The full list of new features for this release is as follows:

  • Ability to set Reminders with timed alarms.
  • New Image Keyword Search Provider.
  • Revised Reminder Interface.
  • Facility to restore ad-removal purchase if you install the application on another device.

DaysUntil v1.04 – Coming Soon

After receiving multiple suggestions and reviews regarding more control over Reminders in DaysUntil, I am pleased to announce that the next version of the application will allow you to have multiple reminders per day – each of which you can set an alarm for.

Also included is a new Image Search API which aims to improve reliability and search results using Microsoft’s new Bing Search API.

This next version, 1.04, is due for release by June, UPDATE: now live!, and will include the following improvements:

  • Ability to set Reminders with timed alarms.
  • New Image Keyword Search Provider.
  • Revised Reminder Interface.
  • Facility to restore ad-removal purchase if you install the application on another device.

Please continue to send me feedback via the application or using the reply form below, all suggestions and feedback is welcomed.