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Raspberry Pi Projects Page

RPi LogoI am currently working on a page detailing my Raspberry Pi projects. At the moment these are all home automation related. Keep an eye out for more updates soon.

I will also be going into more detail about the server components of the projects and how I am controlling them centrally from my Android mobile phone.

The page can be found here,

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  1. Richard

    Hello Stephen, I say your YouTube vid about the garage door opener. Did you by chance create a tutorial for this project? I’ve been trying to do the same thing for several months now with different tutorials on the net and haven’t found one that meets my needs. Are you willing to share?
    Also, have you thought about adding a camera to your project so you can see if the door is open or closed? I was able to kinda get it working in my last attempt but have been having problems with the camera and wifi turning itself off.

    Appreciate any guidance you can provide.

    Oh and the Android app looks great, I’d love to try and use it on my BlackBerry 10 phone since it runs Android apps.

    Thank you

  2. mario

    hi stephen,

    Is your garage opener by any chance a marantec (C 145N)?
    Can you show how you cables are connected to the garage controller?

    I can’t get mine to work.
    And the WAF multiplied by some crashes of the garage door itself, has halted my quest :( (temporarlily).


  3. Richard


    I have been looking for a good garage door opener solution and yours seems to be the best. As a fellow bike rider I really like your wifi opening solution as well. I am really a mechanical designer, not so much a programmer, so any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I actually designed my own garage door, so now I have to develop my own opener since the door is hydraulically operated. Once I get through this project, I have several more to go.

    One quick question, can you operate the door from anywhere, or do you have to be within reach of your homes wifi?

    I really appreciate your video, at least I know it is possible.

    Thanks again,


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